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Phelanar of Eonar
Tales of Azeroth
It seems that worldofwarcraft is turning more into a carbon copy… 
24th-Aug-2006 02:28 am
Firefly outtakes
It seems that worldofwarcraft is turning more into a carbon copy of the official forums every day. PvPers thinking that they're the hottest shit ever. Horde thinking that they're the best thing since sliced bread. Hideously oversensitive people who cry at the drop of a hat if you say something they don't agree with. People who hate the game and hate playing it, but never stop bitching about it. Actual trolls that run wild, while people who just disagree with other people are labelled as trolls. The worst offenders are people like lane who whines incessantly about everything, is constantly emo, and in a lot of ways justifies the "QQ" people that I normally despise. I'm rapidly getting tired of the community because it's too much like the cesspool of stupidity that is the official forums.

Not a lot else going on in WoW. I enjoy cross-server BGs. When they work. Which they don't often do. Last night I tried to get into about 6 BGs. Only one of them did I get in without any real issues. The others had various bugs and those bugs apparently just got worse today. Most of the other 1.12 changes don't affect me too much, honestly. The EPL buff is kinda nice, but it seems bugged. But in a good way, which means that it'll be nerfed to hell and back again within hours. The actual world pvp seems really lame and most people don't really care about it. The buff isn't so good as to get people to PvP over it.

And servers are still so utterly borked that it's really making people angry. We should be working on Maexxna in Naxxramas and 3 bosses should be dead. Instead, just 1 boss is dead and that was just done through sheer stubbornness. But lag makes many encounters in Naxx undoable. Or many other instances for that matter. So it's frustrating. We're not the only ones having problems, either, not many guilds at all on Eonar have had successful raids this week for lag reasons.

Not much else to speak of, really. It's just business as usual, if you don't count the borked servers.
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