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Phelanar of Eonar
Tales of Azeroth
I rock. 
15th-Mar-2007 02:20 am
Kakashi wolf
Generally, I'm not one to blow my own horn too loudly. But tonight, I was fucking amazing. I put on a Master class exhibition of how to Freeze Trap tonight in Mana Tombs. Seriously. I was our groups ~only~ CC option and I did it so well that every pull was virtually one less mob. I very much doubt that there's anybody who could have done this better. As well, probably, but better, not likely. Of course, my reward for this masterful job was no acknowledgement from anybody about how great a job I was doing. But it was a PUG, so that's to be expected, though I think they'd be more than a little unpleasantly surprised at how hard it would have been to do that instance with most other Hunters. But anyway, we did finish. We did wipe once on the final boss. I got 2 quests finished, a new set of boots, and a metric assload of experience and rep, so ultimately despite our idiot tank (which I'll get into more tomorrow) it was a fairly successful run for me. I also got Sethekk Halls done which, again, I'll write about tomorrow. Until then, I need sleep and badly.
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