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Phelanar of Eonar
Tales of Azeroth
So yeah, pugs. 
15th-Mar-2007 05:46 pm
Kakashi wolf
So, now that I've done all my productive stuff here at school, time to write about instancing last night. First was the Mana Tombs pug. I've already detailed that I put on a freeze trap clinic last night and I did. What I didn't go into was everything else about the run. The tank, specifically. The tank was a moron. He could tank reasonably well, don't get me wrong, but he was still a moron. Okay, background first. Standard freeze trapping procedure while in an instance (as far as I'm concerned) amounts to letting the tank pull, then peeling off the assigned mob to a place that's away from the group, either off to the side or behind. This is important, for a couple of reasons. The first being that he continually set up to pull in places that were not easy to lay down traps away from the group. And the second being that he kept forgetting to come and pick up the freeze trapped mob. He'd either just sit there and let me tank it (usually) or start to go set up for the next pull. He did this a half dozen or more times over the course of the run, with the smart money being on "more". His excuses for this? Varied and stupid.

"i was looking at my bags"
"lol u rape casters"
"i was alt tab"
"lol im stoned"

Among others. We did managed to clear the instance except for the escort quest despite our idiot tank, even if it did take forever to do so and I wanted to beat the snot out of him every other pull. We wiped once on the last boss and once on the escort quest (again, because of the tank, though for a different reason), but overall I got a new pair of boots (which I need to enchant), a lot of rep (I'm friendly with Consortium now), and an assload of experience.

Speaking of experience, only about 330k more to level 70. I've been pushing hard. Doing a lot of quests, instances, etc. Almost have enough for my flying mount, even. Sitting at around 800g, pending some things on the AH. And if I can get a few more quests done, I'll have enough for the mount as I hit 70. I might not have much money left over, sure, but that can be remedied with more quests and some grinding. I may just do some questing before buying the mount so I have a little bit of a buffer and don't have ~10g or less.
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