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WoW aimed shot
I have a lot of irritation for two types of people lately. The first is the people who want new servers. I've discussed them before. Basically I think that they all want to be big fish in a new pond and they don't care how many ghost town servers they have to leave behind them to get it. So they leave broken and weak communities in their desire to be top dog. I've said this before and I still think chronic rerollers are scum. Two more servers were released today. I bet that in 6 weeks they're largely deserted because some people hit 60 faster than others. And some of those people rerolled specifically to raid at 60. So the people who aren't 60 and dominating will want to go someplace else to feed their need to be the best.

The second type of person is fairly new. These are the people that never ever ever want server transfers to their server. Ever. I'm pretty annoyed at this. People and guilds should be able to go where they like. In most cases, guilds aren't going to new servers to dominate PvP or be the best guild on the server. People are moving guilds to get away from really old hardware where they are subject to queues, lag, latency, and other server problems that ~still~ aren't resolved. I think a lot of guilds would just stay where they are if they could play. After all, leaving a server behind means leaving non-guild friends and acquaintences. And chances are that there are going to be guildmates who can't transfer either, so there's always a possiblity that a server transfer is going to leave some of the people you regularly play with behind. It's not something that's generally considered lightly. People usually aren't going "lol, let's all spend $25+ to go and trash this new server". Though some people and some guilds do. But the vast majority of guild transfers are to get away from hardware trouble. And if you bitch about that, you should be forced to play on that old server, so you can enjoy queues. So you can enjoy raid encounters which are barely doable because instant cast spells take 5 seconds to go off. To die repeatedly when out questing because the server lags and you end up in a pile of 6 mobs. To get the Deserter debuff when you DC because of server lag. To wait 10 minutes after logging on to the server to get your characters and play. That's all that the vast majority of players and guilds want and until Blizz fixes all the old hardware, guilds have every right to transfer to your server after 3 months. They pay the same money every month that you do. So shut the hell up when some of them take advantage of that and go some place where they can play.
12th-Aug-2006 04:37 am - Blah blah blah
Firefly kill you with my brain
Did BWL tonight. Since Huhuran's Stinger continually refuses to drop in AQ40, I just took the crossbow of smiting off of Chromaggus when it dropped tonight. It is an upgrade. It's not quite as good as the Stinger, but it's still an upgrade. I went from 1489 ranged attack power and approx 199.4 tooltip DPS to 1508 ranged attack power and 202.5 tooltip DPS. And now I can just concentrate on getting Cryptstalker from Naxx instead of competing for the bow in AQ40. And damn, the xbow hits hard. It's slow, but the damage range is much higher than my Rhok. When I get used to doing the 10 second rotation again with this weapon, my damage should go up quite a bit. I can't wait to drop a 3000 aimed crit on a boss sometme and I will, I know it. Maybe I'll go to Molten Core tomorrow night and see how big a crit I can drop on the mobs.

Eonar Horde continue to unimpress in their actions. Seriously. Example. Tonight, in Warsong Gulch. I'm running behind the flag carrier. I FD and drop a frost trap to delay the pursuit. 2 warriors charge me right as I drop my trap. I know I'm going to die, but I've just delayed half their team, which means that we're going to cap the flag. One of the warriors has the audacity to do a /bye emote to me. Sorry, moron, but even though I died? I won. Because I helped my team capture the flag. The fact that you and 2 of your buddies killed me doesn't change the fact that I got the better of you in that situation even though I died. So I made a note of doing /bye to that very same Horde player later and then utterly demolishing him. We totally dominated the match and I ended up 2nd on the scoreboard by a comfortable margin and quite nearly was first. So the laugh's on him, ultimately.

Skilling up Herbalism yet again kinda sucks. This is the 3rd time I've skilled up Herbalism. I really shouldn't do so again.

I can't wait to try Grand Widow Faerlina on Sunday. It's a fight we can and should win. I'm getting myself prepared for it, getting lots of nature resist pots as well as lots of fire resist pots. But it's a short and sweet fight and it's something we can do.

I'm not really going to comment on the big expansion announcement from today (ie, raids maxed at 25 people instead of 40), because at this point I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't think it's going to have the effect Blizzard wants. If they make it to easy, they tick off and/or bore the crap out of people and people will leave for other games. If they make it too hard, then casuals still won't get gear and will whine and cry just like they are now. I think that it's going to be a big issue though, to change the dynamic so radically in midstream. But we'll see.
Kakashi wolf
So, our guild leader decided to go to Naxx tonight with the raid as opposed to trying C'Thun some more. And in the end this was a great idea as after a few pulls, some strategy adjusting, and some practice we killed Instructor Razuvious. Our first Naxx kill and our first new boss kill in ages, a great morale booster for the guild. The only part about it I wasn't thrilled with? I was sitting outside waiting for a raid invite. :( I arrived a little late for invites because of dinner, waited around for about 2.5 hours, and just as another hunter was about to leave and I'm about to get in, they finally tweaked the execution enough to kill him and so they did in textbook style. Oh well. A kill is a kill, even if I missed out. Next week I'll be in and have a good shot at the T3 armor item he drops.

PvP'd a lot today too. Won...3 AV games. We queued up as a guild a couple of times after Naxx. The first time, we all got into the same game and just rolled. Even worse than the AV game that I mentioned the other day. For a fair part of the game, the Horde had ~no~ Graveyard. At all. We had all the Alliance side GYs, plus Snowfall, and Iceblood, then Frostwolf and the Relief Hut were all contested by the Alliance. In the end, they contested Stonehearth and Iceblood, but didn't cap or destroy anything in that game except Stonehearth bunker. Such a thorough ownage that at least one or two Horde logged on Alliance alts to flame our guild leader. To spite them, we queued up again as a guild. This time it both did and didn't work out so well. All of us got into AV at around the same time, the problem is that we got seperated into 2 brand new AV games. About 10 in one AV game, 10 in the other. We still utterly rolled. One AV ended in 19 minutes, the game I was in ended in about 27 minutes.

So it's been a good week for honor. Before todays games, I had about 433 HKs and about 44000 honor. I won another 3 AV games with another 230 HKs, though I didn't turn in any of the tokens I won today. This should be enough to get me up about 2 ranks, depending on if I PvP tomorrow or not. I'm kind of shooting for rank 6, because that lets me buy cheap potions from the Champion's Hall.

Anyway, tomorrow we go after Anub in Naxx I think, so I hope I can get in there for that. Maybe I'll get lucky and get Cryptstalker bracers. I don't think I will though.
6th-Aug-2006 02:53 am(no subject)
Kakashi wolf
Wow. They made me an officer of my guild. Not the one on Kirin Tor with my Druid, but my main guild, the raiding guild. We were doing Molten Core. I decided to come along so that another Hunter could get on his Rogue for loot. Otherwise I don't go to Molten Core unless it's desperate. So we're clearing and I think we were on the way to Sulf when our guild leader comes on. We're all talking about the raid in guild chat, how it was going, all that. I said something I've said before, which is that leading an HC raid is like herding cats on meth. Which is true. HC people are really good players, but holy gods, sometimes we're too good because we'll get careless and sloppy (and MC was most definately sloppy tonight). Our guild leader said "That's a good analogy Phel" then followed up by saying "So good in fact..." and then promoted me from Veteran to Officer. After realising it wasn't a joke, I was pretty happy. Given that we have 2 officers from each class and at the time we only had one Hunter officer, I can't say as I was really ~surprised~ at my promotion. I was most certainly the obvious choice given that I've been raiding with HC for 16 months at this point. But despite the fact that it wasn't very surprising, I was still pretty happy with it.

MC was sloppy, but entertaining. Sloooow though. 5 hour MC clear? Egads. That's positively crawling. Of course, given the fact that we had 30-35 for the entire raid and that a number of them were alts did kind of affect our speed. Even for Rag, we still only had about 38 people in the raid. more than enough to kill Rag, but still. In the end, I came out on top for DPS for the whole run, doing about 8% of the entire raid's DPS from beginning to end. My reward for that? Utterly nothing. But I did win a Lava Core to sell on the AH, and that's probably 80-100g. I almost won the Prophecy belt, but an 89 just wasn't going to cut it on that particular roll. Oh well. Money is money.

I've been PvPing a lot the last few days. I dunno why. It just seemed like fun. And it has been. It's kind of reinforced my general opinion of each BG. WSG is only fun if it's 1.) organised group vs organised group or 2.) equal skill PUGs. If it's not one of those two things, it really kinda sucks. Being steamrolled or steamrolling isn't a lot of fun. Games that are hardfought and roughly equal? Those are a blast, but that almost never happens. AB is similar, but not quite as bad. There's still a lot of steamrolling and being steamrolled, but it's also a bit easier to get an equal skill game. AV is still my favorite even though it's really kind of a weird instance now. AV used to be hardcore PvP. I mean, people would skip doing the obvious objectives to kill other people. So it'd go on for hours and hours or even days. Then it turned into a PvE race, where people would ride past each other to get to objectives. And then they took out about 75% of the NPCs around and now it's this bizarre PvP and PvE hybrid. People are actually defending again. Not really the way they should be, but still. It's almost turning into the kind of Battleground it probably should be. Plus, for a Hunter, AV is a paradise. Hunters function best, by far, in group environments where they can be allowed to hang back and DPS the crap out of the enemy, plus to have someone around to peel off the worst of the Hunters enemies (Warriors and Rogues). And you get that far more in AV than in the other two instances. So it's a shooting gallery. In an ideal group, pallies, warriors, and to some extent rogues, go in, get everybodies attention, while Hunters get to stand back and pick off every squishy class that comes within range.
Kakashi wolf
This entry is dedicated to all the people and classes that somehow think that they're special and more deserving of something than the rest of us.

1.) Beast Mastery Hunters. You are not special. Your build? Not a good raiding build. Period. Deal with it. Marks and Survival Hunters will out DPS you. Period. Deal with it. Pets aren't totally useless in raiding, sure. But they require more management, preparation, and mana to make semi-effective and that's not good for raiding where efficiency and min-maxing are kings. And what's more? On many fights, your pet ~is~ useless at best or a complete liability and danger to the entire raid at worst. Does this suck? Yes. Here's the thing you keep forgetting though. It's not just your precious little BM build that's being hurt. You know what? Every Hunter is putting away some of the functionality and DPS that Blizzard planned into the class when they can't use their pet. Every. Single. Hunter. So stop bitching. BM builds are great for soloing, very good for soloing, and solid for small groups. BM builds are mediocre at raiding. I'd say that you've got a pretty good deal for having your build good for 75% of the game. Marks and Survival Hunters have to give something up to be tops at raiding , so it's not like it's unfair.

2.) Warriors and Rogues. You are not special. Just because something is good for you doesn't mean that it's ~not~ good for a Hunter. Oh, I know your usual excuse. "Hunters don't have to melee". Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. There are times where a Hunter is going to melee. In PvP a Hunter is going to melee a ~lot~. Hunters would rather stand back and shoot their bow, but people don't want to let us do it. So that's goign to mean that there's going to be melee action and that makes an Ashkandi, which has great melee ~and~ ranged stats, just as viable for Hunters as Warriors. Oh and Rogues? Just because it's an upgrade for you doesn't mean that it's not a better thing for a Hunter. You know why? We're going to use a good weapon a ~lot~ longer than you greedy fucks. When I got my Core Hound Tooth, the Rogues whined and bitched and complained because I got it over a couple of Rogues. You know what? Those Rogues went on to get better weapons from BWL and AQ40. They would have vendored or DE'd that Core Hound Tooth. I'm still ~using~ that Core Hound Tooth. Despite the fact that rogues "use every bit of the weapon", not just the stats, I've gotten much longer and thus better use out of it than a fucking rogue. So shut the fuck up when a Hunter wants a weapon that you're likely going to throw away the moment something with 0.1 DPS higher shows up.

3.) Horde. You are still not a special snowflake just because you rolled Horde. Get. Over. It. You are not better. You are not more mature. You are not magically more important than someone who plays Alliance. Stop acting like you are, because every time you do, you reinforce the general opinion that Horde are psuedo-intellectual emo kids with overinflated egos.
4th-Aug-2006 11:45 pm - Best. AV. Ever.
Ultimate Thor needs beer
For a lark, after BWL tonight a lot of my guild decided to queue up for AV all at the same time to see how many of us could get into a single game at one time. In the end about 20-25 of us did and it was the most hilariously one sided slaughter ever. For a while they were just totally bottled up. What few people that Horde got around Iceblood (which wasn't many) were getting slaughtered totally at Stonehearth. In the end we had pity and just moved to finish the game, but it was so lopsided that Horde were /afking out in droves. And some of them ended up right back in the same game, only to afk out again. I can't wait to do it again.

Of course, Horde decided to whine and bitch and moan, but tough shit. They regularly get 10-20 people from the same guild into their AV games, simply because of the population imbalance. And they take advantage of that. This time they get a taste of their own medicine. Horde are sooo used to rolling over PUGs because of their coordination and the fact that they play with each other much more often than Alliance does. Payback is a total bitch and they deserved every little bit of that humiliation. And they were humiliated. If we hadn't let them, they wouldn't have capped a single thing and they knew it.
29th-Jul-2006 11:28 pm - Blablahblahdruidblahblah
Kakashi wolf
Good day for me. Got on game and headed to Shimmering Flats to collect quests, though I didn't think that I'd really be able to do many of them. Much to my surprise, they were largely in my level range. I had misremembered how high they were. I thought they were in the 34-36 range, but instead they were largely in the 30-33 range, with one or two a little higher (and one of the level 30 quests should have been more like 32-33). They're nearly all kill quests. Very few fetch/deliver quests, no escort quests, very few travel quests (in the first batch). They're nearly all "Go kill X creatures" or "Go kill Creature Y and bring me back Item Z". Makes for a lot of experience, because you get a lot of exp for killing then you get a bunch more for the turn-ins. So I rolled in about 23000 xp from all those quests, plus a few gold from all the junk items, plus a hell of a lot of leather from skinning beasts. All in all, not a bad way to start the day.

Then, the guild run for Gnomer. At least, that's what it originally was going to be and sort of still was. After bringing it up in guild chat, it was realised that there were a lot of people in the 40s range and a lot of people in the low-mid 20s, but very few people in the late 20s or early 30s range which is where Gnomer falls smack dab in the middle of. So there wasn't enough people to ~do~ a level appropriate guild run. So instead me (at level 31) and a 32 guild pally got run through Gnomer by a 60 Hunter from the guild. Not the most fun way to do a run like that, but certainly fast and efficient. We blew through there really fast and I completed 6 different quests, walked away from the run with 2 blue drops, plus a blue item from one of the quests, and came away with ~so~ much experience that it was insane. Another 33000 experience total from Gnomergan, which let me hit level 32 and get about 25% into level 33.

So a good day for my druid! I logged in with my hunter to talk to the best druid I know and he said I've got a good spec planned and I'm generally gearing up well, which is gratifying to hear. Made a lot of progress today. Made a lot of money, got a lot of new gear, levelled up and got a fair way into level 33 to boot. Now I just need to be twinked through Razorfen Kraul for even more gear and fun and then I can go back to the usual questing and levelling until I hit Scarlet Monestary! Which sadly I need very little from, but I still want to run it with an appropriate level group for once.
Firefly kill you with my brain
So, I played my druid a ton today now that I've seemingly got my PC problem fixed. Lots and lots. I started the day 7000 xp into level 29 with almost no place to quest because I'd done many of the quests that give experience from several of the 20-30 zones. Not all the quests, btu the ones I skipped were quests that are generally more trouble than they're worth. And the quests from the level 30-40 areas were ones that either couldn't do or that they wouldn't give to me in the first place. So it was a long day where I did as many quick quests as I could find then I ended up grinding a lot of it. The good part about the grind is that I skilled up both herbalism and skinning a fair bit as I did it. The bad part is that a grind is a grind and it's not the way that I like to get exp. But I stuck it out and soon enough I was at level 30! Every 10 levels as a Druid you get a veritable bonanza of skills, even more than other classes that i've seen. Soooo nice to have Travel form.

Now that I was 30, more quests were open to me, but man, I hate the areas to level in the 30s. Hillsbrad? Most of the quests there are kinda lame. Desolace doesn't have enough quests and some of the ones it does have ~suck~ (rep grind at level 30. It sucks as bad as you'd expect). I hate Stranglethorn Vale because it's always crowded full of idiots and the zone's design is pretty stupid as well. Arathi is okay, but a lto of the quests in the zone are oriented towards the high 30s, not the early 30s. Shimmering Flats is okay, but it's more of a mid-30s area, not early or late 30s. Eventually I settled on Hillsbrad because the quests are fairly close to town and straightforward. After a while, I realised I was getting an assload of exp, mostly because I was taking on mobs that were 1-2 levels higher rather than mobs that were equal or lower in level. And after a few quests and a lot of killing, I was level 31! The better part of 2 levels in a day is pretty good. Total played time is about 3 days, 7 hours. Not half bad.

Now for bitching. The newest thing that people whine about on the forums is new servers. Well, it's not a new thing, it's just gotten extra concentrated lately. Thread after thread of chronic reroller twits who want yet another server so they can try and be the first to 60 so they can be l33t and go gank lowbies. The same chronic rerollers whose actions have resulted in a ton of ghost town servers. The moment a server starts getting a few level 60s or, gods forbid, gets people into ZG or MC or AQ20, they want to get away because that means that they won't be top dog anymore and they can't ~stand~ not being the best. It's selfish bullshit and I hate it. There are far too many low pop servers already. To the point where several servers had to ~beg~ for server transfers because their populations were so low that they could barely scrape up PUGs for instances. And when Blizzard (rightly) points out the many low pop servers that these people can roll on, they whine and complain that they aren't getting a brand new server that they think that they ~sooooooo~ very much deserve. I swear, the world would be a better place if the WoW forums were purged. And the world would be an even better place if some of these people had their fingers broken repeatedly so they couldn't type.
27th-Jul-2006 11:10 pm - Druid news
WoW aimed shot
In better news, despite my continual and aggrivating PC problems, I've hit 29 with my Druid and am about halfway to level 30. Not half bad considering a total played time right now of less than 3 days. A guildmate in my new guild (Knights and Weekends) actually ~bought~ me a twink level 29 blue cloak after I was complaining how the twink market had genuinely hurt people actually levelling. I mean, level 27 green helmets are going for upwards of 25 fucking gold. That's utterly insane. And other items aren't exempt. Low level rings, necklaces, weapons, armor, you name it and it's going for a ~lot~ more expensive than it shoudl be just for the twink market. But my guildmate (a really sweet and fun girl called Anipuma) bought the cloak for me and surprised me greatly. It was 42g and I'd even said in guild chat that although I'd want it, I didn't think it'd be worth 42g. But she did and she got it for me. I also got a fairly nice green helm from the guild bank, so I'm much better geared today than I was yesterday. And this weekend we've got a guild run planned for Gnomergan so with luck I'll have some even better gear soon.

My druid's a lot of fun. It's just nice being able to do nearly everything with some degree of skill. If I want, I can nuke something to death with starfire, wrath, and moonfire. If I want I can just outlast mobs by going bearform and tanking them, occasionally healing. If I want, I can just stealth past things with cat form or sneak up behind mobs and own them through their pants. And if necessary I can even heal for a group of people, though I'm not good at that, nor am I geared or spec'd for it. I'm spec'd full feral talents, though ironically I only have 5 points in the Feral tree at the moment (the rest being the feral talents in Resto and Balance). I'm going to stick to my guns and keep going feral and get as many groups feral as possible, though I know at some point I'll at least have to off heal, which I ~can~ do, I'm just not the best at.

As far as my Hunter goes, I've told my guild I'm taking an indefinate break from raiding. They seem okay with it. I think they'd rather have me back eventually than get me back for 2 weeks before I burn out and quit entirely. I do want to go back eventually, but right now...the thought just makes me cringe.
24th-Jul-2006 03:32 pm - Argh
Kakashi wolf
I think I burned most of my PUG karma with that first good DM run last week. Because I went to Blackfathom Deeps today and it was just more stupidity. Initial group was me (23 Druid, I dinged 24 early in the run), 24 Priest, 29 Warlock, 27 Druid, 22 Pally. Took a while for everybody to get there, but meh, that happens. But the other druid rapidly proved himself to be really impatient and really bossy. Kept pulling when nobody was ready, didn't pull back to the safe area (cardinal sin of pulling is just charging in where the mob sits) despite being told to pull back to the group, and generally acted like a know it all ass. We get through most of it anyway, despite super-stupid-druid doing his best to get us wiped. Finally we did get wiped because of him charging in to a group of mobs who chain aggroed. Then the pally released despite being told not to, then claimed to have graphical problems, then claimed to have a guild thing. I suspect she just wanted to finish her pally quest and then used the wipe as a good excuse to bail. We get a Hunter and then while waiting for her to arrive from Duskwood, we start to clear the trash from around the next boss (Kelris). Super stupid druid decides that he's a master puller and nearly gets the group killed 2 more times before the Warlock tells him to back off and he'll pull. And even then the idiot still kept whining that he wanted to pull and kept nearly getting himself, and the rest of us, killed by messing with the pulls. Finally we clear everything and when the hunter gets there, we finish clearing the instance despite the druid still whining and bossing and trying to insist that he's clearly the leader of the group. And unlike the DM run yesterday, I didn't even get any phat loot to mitigate being annoyed while the run was going on. Just a lot of exp (about 14k), 2 completed quests, and some cash and BoE greens.

WTB decent PUG for Stockades...but I doubt I'll get it. At least there's no decent druid loot to miss out on there if items fail to drop or I lose rolls.
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