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Phelanar of Eonar
Tales of Azeroth
15th-Aug-2006 02:42 am
Kakashi wolf
I haven't done a screenshot post lately. Man, I don't even remember hte last time I did one actually. I think it was when I got full DS, or maybe when we got C'Thun to phase 2. In any case, I'm overdue. These will have to do for now. I haven't taken a ton of good screens lately and some of the ones I took I put in a zip file, so I need to go looking for some of the more recent ones.

First off, a screen of Anub's lair. Cool stuff and gives you a general feel for Naxxramas
Anub's Lair

Next, the corpse from Anub on our first ever kill.
Dead Anub

Lastly, one of those dramatic aimed shot images I like so much. I haven't posted one of these in a long while and you'll notice right away that my gear is very different from when last people saw it.
Aimed shot
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