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Phelanar of Eonar
Tales of Azeroth
8th-Mar-2007 05:01 pm
Kakashi wolf
So, I was running around Terokkar last night, working on a couple of quests. Over in the Tomb of Light, specifically. And there was a group quest. I wasn't going to try it, as at this point most group quests are more than I can handle solo, if only just barely. But there's this BElf pally there. And he's clearing mobs. And almost at the same time, I think we come up with the same idea. Work together to do the group quest. We can't communicate and we can't buff/heal each other, but two decent players (and I'm much more than decent, tyvm) should be able to handle it, right? And surprisingly, we did exactly that. It was a bit hairy when we started the last part of the quest event, when we were getting waves of mobs, but managed to get by without too much trouble. And it was actually pretty fun. Working with someone who not only was a total stranger, but who I couldn't communicate with at all.

Also, dinged 66 earlier today. Started questing in Nagrand. Still have a group quest or two in Terokkar and I still haven't done a single instance there (which is getting really lame), but I'm starting to move on. This weekend I hope I can get Mana Tombs and Crypts done.
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