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Phelanar of Eonar
Tales of Azeroth
Tank training and first time in Karazhan 
27th-Mar-2007 04:51 pm
Kakashi wolf
So, late last night after we got out of Karazhan, which I'll talk about later, we went off to hit Mechanar. Nothing special. Until you realise the group. Resto shaman is main healing and has been to Mech all of one time before, holy priest DPSing, me (your lovable Hunter Hero), a pug pally who kept going afk, and a hardcore resto druid who had respec'd tanking feral that very night and had never MT'd any instance. It was...interesting. And ugly. I had to lead. Why me? I have no fucking idea. People just like me to lead. I think it's because they secretly know I hate it. What's wrong with me leading is that I've done all of ~3~ full Mechanar runs myself. And I'm somehow the voice of experience and wisdom. This should scare you as much as it scares me. We ditch the pally fairly quickly, because holy fuck he was a thick skulled idiot. We got a pug rogue from a good guild. And it was still a bit ugly, because taking a druid who was teased for how little she shifted forms and then asking her to learn by tanking in Mech is clearly like being thrown to the wolves. But we got the first boss after a couple of tries and slowly things got smoother. The tanking got better and things just generally calmed down. It was still pretty ugly. We wiped on the second boss and quite nearly should have wiped twice. But we got through it and didn't call it off. Of course, I got crap. But that's par for the course in Mech. I need two damned drops in there and neither of them ever drop. Oh well. I'll just go again another time.

Also, finally got into a Kara raid last night. Not a full clear, but got in nonetheless. The raid was on the Opera Event, which was Romulo and Julianne, which is very much based on Romeo and Juliet, if you hadn't noticed. It's a really cool event. Lots of voice acting and drama. And you're doing it on a theatre stage. Complete with audience. That being said, it's a cast iron bitch of a boss. There's three phases. First phase is just Julianne by herself. Not hard. She does some holy DPS attacks and tries to heal herself, but overall not difficult. Second phase is Romulo. He's harder as he hits like a freaking truck. And has a cleave, so rogues hate him (and I don't like it either, since I can't use my pet). Third phase is the hard part of the fight. You have to fight both of them at once. Romulo, ironically, isn't the difficult part here. It's Julianne, who nukes the crap out of everybody all while attempting to heal herself and Romulo. We wiped a few times. We think our strat is sound, just need to get practice.

Which brings me to the last part. The trash in Karazhan fucking blows. Seriously, 30-45 minute respawns on trash. Trash who are ~really~ hard. I died twice in the first three pulls (on the ushers) and I'm not a scrub raider by any means. Nor am I severely undergeared (I was averaging about 9000hp fully buffed last night and broke 10000hp at one point), but I got fucking ripped. So hard trash that respawns fast. Fucking lame. So you get two, maybe 3, attempts and then have to reclear.
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